Why Hire a Sleep Consultant

Why Hire a Sleep Consultant

I never want to convince parents to hire me. I don't go out and try to find clients or make moms feel bad about their current sleep situation. Tired parents come to ME when they have reached the end of their rope or when they've heard their friends talking about working with me and they are ready to give this whole sleep coaching thing a chance. 

Frankly, it is none of my business how often or how well your family sleeps. Sleep can be such a sensitive subject and my goal is never to make a mom feel guilt or shame over what she is or isn't doing about her baby's sleep. 

I've also found, after working with countless families, that the parents who aren't 100% committed, aren't successful. It's that simple. Sleep coaching isn't easy breezy. If it was, my job wouldn't exist. And you can be sure that if a family needs to be convinced to hire me, they will not be personally invested in the process. 

With all that said, read on, but remember, I'm not trying to convince you of anything. Simply answering common questions that I've come across after talking with over 100 families. 

It is rare that anyone prepares you or teaches you how to get a baby to sleep well! There are endless classes and materials for pregnancy, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, formula feeding, baby wearing, diapering, starting solid foods, etc. but not for sleep. Meanwhile, friends and family are full of well-meaning but useless (and often contradicting) advice!

“Better get your sleep now before the baby comes because once he’s here you can forget about sleep for the next 18 years!”

“Never wake a sleeping baby.”

“Don’t let that baby sleep all day or you’ll be up all night.”

“If you pick up a baby every time she cries, you’ll spoil her.”

"Keep her up all day and she'll sleep like a charm at night."

“You shouldn’t schedule your life around the baby, rather the baby should adapt to yours.”

This is where Little Luna comes in. I will learn about YOUR baby (because each baby is different) and help YOU (because all parents are different) by creating a plan for sleep success. Below are some reasons why you should hire a sleep consultant:

•Sleep is extremely important for your growing baby. It is during sleep that our bodies are able to restore themselves effectively.

•Muscles grow, tissues repair, proteins are synthesized, and growth hormones are released. This will not happen as efficiently and effectively without proper sleep.

•Poor sleep can cause your baby to be tired and cranky and even have an effect on their ability to reach milestones.

Not only is sleep important for your growing baby, but it is important for YOU mama! For all the reasons mentioned above.

Sleep helps refresh us and is imperative for our mental health. Depression is associated with poor sleep and moms are especially at risk postpartum. How can we parent to the best of our ability if we aren’t at our best?

Studies also show that babies do not simply outgrow sleep problems. These sleep problems can follow them into toddler ages, childhood, even adulthood.

Ready to get started?

Here's What I Offer:

Fresh eyes that aren’t seeing through a fog of exhaustion. It is amazing how clear situations can look from the outside. I also know what to look for and what changes need to be made in order to provide your baby with the best environment for sleep.

In-depth knowledge to help wade through all the advice and myths out there. I have completed over 50 hours of coursework plus countless more helping my own children and friends’ children. I am a Certified Graduate of the Cradle Coach Academy program and a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants. 

Gentle encouragement because, let’s face it, parenting is hard! Whatever your parenting views are, I will meet you there and find the best methods that fit into your lifestyle. If you don’t know what your parenting views are on sleep training, I will present the options and help you decide which is best for you and your baby.

Sleep Coaching Methods

Sleep Coaching Methods

The Transition from Your room to Theirs

The Transition from Your room to Theirs